Thursday, January 6, 2011




It has been almost a month in the new home. The boxes are pretty much all unpacked, with exception of the books which do not have shelves.

But there is still so much to do to make it ours. It is a five year project...a test in aesthetic patience (80's style bathrooms). For the moment, I am just thankful for the extra space for my growing family. There is plenty of room to run from the toy room to the kitchen for a snack. The sound of two year old bare feet "pitter pattering" across the floor is joyful.

And, even though there is room enough for separate bedrooms, I am enjoying the thought of my children sharing quarters. We've made a raindrop mobile and hung some clouds. And tonight Georgia, as I put her to bed, questioned, "This is Georgia and Baby Boy's room?" "Yes", I said.
"It's pretty, Mommy." She mused.

And before she closed her eyes in their new room she mentioned. "The toy room is mine. Sebastian is too little to play, okay Mommy."

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