Friday, January 14, 2011

Art Therapy


My sweet Georgia picked up a nasty virus here at the beach. We've spent the last days without a grain of sand pinched between our toes: locked inside with the doors open and the sounds of the waves cunningly crashing the shore in forbidden invitation.

In the need of an afternoon project, I picked up some large tee shirts and fabric paint at the local bazaar. And away we painted, cutting the tees into little dresses--beach cover-ups. Slapping paint messily on the backs of shells and star fish and pressing them into the cotton.

And the day passed (without fever). And when the sun had rendered our designs crispy-dry, we rewarded ourselves with a quick jaunt to the shoreline.

Tomorrow it is full-on beach girl has recovered!

1 comment:

  1. I feel so sorry, however ( a good however) she and you has transformed a lemon into an "artistic" lemonade.

    miss you all, love xxx,Vera