Sunday, October 24, 2010

Old McDonald and the Weekend


I think if baby boy made it through this back breaking weekend of seeing the sunrise with a frosting tip in hand, we might just make it until our due date. I was rather worried on Friday night (when I realized I didn't have anymore vanilla), that I might go into labor. But my kind neighbor stuck a jar in the elevator and sent it up to me (thank you Ro!) and miraculously the contractions subsided!

Thousands of sweets, cookies, cupcakes, quiches, brigadeiros, appetizers, muffins, salgados, and decorations later...six parties in all...I am going to bed at a decent hour tonight. I promise to sleep dreaming up a great name lest my husband be worried that I'll want to name our son after a cake recipe.

Tomorrow my oven shall remain off. I am packing my maternity bag and washing the bedding for baby's crib. And I am just posting one set of party photos this evening....I'll share the rest later.

This one was Georgia's pick of the weekend.

Happy Birthday Manuela and Tomas. We are happy to have provided you with a little bit of sweets on your farm themed birthday!

Thanks to Sucatinho de Luxo, my understanding family, and all my helpers!


  1. you my friend are...for lack of words...DA BOMB.
    if all else fails in the name front, jamie olivier named one of his girls Poppy. I can see CHIP coming out of the oven really delicious and just in time. Luv U m friend

  2. thank you so much! you too are "da bomb!" and chip...hey i never thought of that name but you know here in brazil he would be shippy, neh? ha ha! lots of love and hugs!!