Saturday, October 16, 2010

A little birdie told me Thereza is 2!




Tati, a dear friend and extremely talented graphic designer has made the big decision to go back to work full time after several years of working from home and taking care of her 3 children. I know it has been difficult for her. She called me several times frazzled about her daughter's 2nd birthday party. She wanted to get involved in all the little details but her work schedule has been brutal and the adjustment complicated.

I felt her relief when I offered to take care of putting together a little party kit for her simple luncheon with close family today. Georgia helped me in all the details...except she was a bit hesitant to let the cake leave our kitchen! I hope "Tete" enjoyed the cake as much as we enjoyed the little birdie theme.

Happy Birthday Thereza! Boa Sorte Tati! Beijos

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  1. Hello Tammy Ann and little G Oh how cute the little birdie cake and goodies are. great job on the design and it all looks scrumptious! mmmm
    on a personal note I miss you! I tried to catch you earlier but no luck maybe later when my G & S get home from setting up the haunted rec.HUGS & more HUGS auntie cindy xoxoxo