Thursday, August 26, 2010


Aside from a lot of baking this week, I am potty training.

Georgia should probably have been out of diapers a long time ago. I imagine a toddler that is capable of correcting her Mother's difficulty asserting the feminine and masculine in Portuguese ("Mommy, Pirulit-0 not Piriulit-a"), should not be wearing Pampers. I suppose I have the same excuse with toilet training as with learning the correct gender of words, I imagine I'll get there some day soon. (Give me some credit though--we use "the" for everything in English.)

Anyway...On our recent trip to the USA, Georgia saw her cousin Reese adeptly using the toilet. And my girl promptly informed me that she would be using the privy from now on, too. (Although I won't share what happened when she saw the dog pooping in the yard or her boy cousin using the urinal.) She basically trained me because I kept forgetting to even ask my little girl (every half an hour--as most Mothers do). Off she went, declaring her need to use the bathroom. She managed alone to pull her underpants down and climb on the throne. In fact, I wasn't allowed in the bathroom while she did her business. "Mommy, NO! Georgia by self." I was almost waiting for her to take a magazine with her. The kid was that good.

She "allowed" me back in to help with the wiping, washing of hands, and to participate in her celebratory glee of success. Mission accomplished I thought smugly. But then we got on the plane. Back in Brazil, there were no more big cousins to mimic. I'll confess: I put her diaper back on and Georgia no longer felt like training me.

So this week I decided that I would have to "do the whole potty training thing." Bummer. We are no different than most--having accidents everywhere (and I am asking every half hour). We take changes of clothes on all outings. And, although, I would probably lean toward buying only white cotton undies (like photo), I am learning that the ones with the princesses and mermaids are a blessing. Georgia promised me she wouldn't have an accident on Snow White today after a pretty grim day yesterday.

I am hopeful that Snow White can put our potty training back in the realms of a fairy tale.

We will get there.


  1. i've been told 3 weeks is what it takes.
    we're on the 3rd week, no more accidents, and eva is trying to convince me she's ready to stop wearing her night diaper.

  2. importante, tem qe terminar o processo antes do irmao nascer.
    em casa estamos na segunda tentativa de desfralde. a primeira coincidiu com o nascimento da irma, estavamos quase la, mas a primeira coisa que ela falou qando viu a bebe em casa foi "quero fralda igual a leona". so 7 meses depois quis tentar de novo.
    ah sim, sou a ilana, amiga da iris e da clarice, e sempre leio seu blog.
    beijo e boa sorte.

  3. llana,
    oh it is nice to have some encouragement. today georgia peed on the floor and was singing "marcha soldado" and about to march in the puddle! patience....motherhood....sigh! and you are right...i need to get this done before baby boy comes along. imagine a month without diapers! so happy you are reading my blog. i remember you so well and have been wanting to come to your gallery! faulta tempo! big kisses for your beautiful family! xo