Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Need help?

Georgia's gourmet phase is so over. I longingly remember when she didn't mind anchovies on her pizza and ate kale by the handful. Now she is more likely to fish a millimeter of parsley out of the rice in her full mouth and generously return it to the cook (me)--declaring everything too "spicy."

And I am trying not to get frustrated nor feel guilty. (Is it because there is too much baking going on in my house...her blissful discovery of sugar?) I am hoping it is just a phase...a real short one at that. I am starting to think of creative solutions and packaging. Kids only want what sparkles gimmick. Naturally she wanted the princess plastic tricycle over the retro red classic. (I insisted Grandma buy the red one--shame on me.) It is obvious why Mr. Ronald McDonald's "Happy Meal" sells and there are prizes and cool shapes in children's cereal boxes (particularly the sugary variety). So I am going to draw on her banana today. And I am going to make healthy just a little cuter, use some marketing strategies in my own kitchen.

Even if my mom smiles knowingly and tells me I used to be an extremely picky little eater....

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