Monday, August 16, 2010

Intellectual Stimulation

4/365 Maximum Ride <3

I cringe just thinking about my lackluster reading habits since becoming a mother. I used to breeze through a book a week. And now I cannot even get through the brain candy novels once reserved for the beach. At night, I curl under the covers with the nightlight on and read the same sentence for a month before falling asleep in seconds. I'm nervous this will never end because I am pregnant again. Am I the only one with Mommy brain/lack of concentration?

So I am resorting to magazines. The other night I read a somewhat news-worthy affair. And when I saw this list of all time best magazine articles on one of my favorite blogs. I decided that I could perhaps resort to reading short articles instead of books--a sort of training for the future novel that I hope to read before baby boy arrives.

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