Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why I haven't Posted....


I intended to post while we were away for the holiday weekend. But the internet signal was weak and the sun was bright. And I am happy for the excuse. My children needed to eat sand and lick salty ocean water from their lips, shed the city kid shell and forget their parents have jobs.

A few highlights:
1. Georgia screaming (at the resort pool): "Daddy, I peed in the pool!"
2. Sebastian is in his "Mommy might disappear phase" and earned the nickname agarradinho. Think of those fuzzy, adorable animals that hug your pencil. (I am the pencil.) And I'm not complaining.
3. My husband babysat while I got a my first facial since I became a Mom, the ever observant Georgia asking me why my skin was glowing.
4. I am not sure what makes my son look more mischievious. The gap between his upper two teeth or the (already) chip in the upper right tooth?

And we drank buckets of coconut water and went to sleep at the same time as our children: down at dusk and up at dawn. Ready to play all day.

1 comment:

  1. Could these two be any cuter??? I think not!!!
    love & hugs to all,
    Cyndi S