Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mia's Halloween Party


Mia's birthday is during high holiday season in Brazil (July), so her Mommy usually doesn't throw a big birthday bash as many kids are out of town.

To compensate she decided to throw a big Halloween Bash in her lovely garden with incredible arts and decoration by Maria Mello/Infantaria. It was a pleasure to do the sweets!

Happy Halloween Mia!


  1. What a talented brother and sister duo Tammy and Todd are. Each so very creative in their own unique way. You do not know me, Tammy, but I am the next door neighbor of your talented brother and have had the good fortune of having him re-model our home. What a beautiful job he did! He is the one who very proudly told me about your blog. I am in awe of your talents and find it hard to believe that a Mother with two small children has the time and the patience to create such beautiful and clever party items. I love checking your blog to see what your next artistic creation will be. Thanks for sharing.

    Your children are adorable and so is Emma.

    Sandy from Roaming Shores

  2. Trick or Treat!! :D I just love the ghosts on top of the cupcake. actually all the witches ghosts and goblins are pretty terrific. We made brigadeiro today ourselves.
    love to you Tammy Ann,
    Auntie Cindy

  3. "so beautifully festive...Happy Halloween to our surely missed Brazilian family"!!!!
    love & hugs to all,
    Cyndi S

  4. These look amazing!! My brother always had an unofficial birthday in the summer because his real birthday is on Christmas Eve and my parents didn't want him to have to wait almost an entire year between celebrations...

  5. Thank you so much everyone! This was really fun for me as Brazil is slowly catching on to the Halloween fun and it is something that I can share with my family down here!
    Sandy...thank you so much for your kind words. My brother told me about you...I am certain that he did a great job...wish he were close enough to help me renovate my kitchen! Missing my family....hope to meet you next visit...
    Cindy and Cyndi...miss you all too!!
    Happy Halloween!!