Monday, August 29, 2011

Sorry Mommy!


Sorry Mommy. In the last few hours, I didn't mean to:

1. Pull the placemat at breakfast and break your dishes.
2. Throw the top to the juice maker (and break it).
3. Tear the leaves off your houseplant.
4. Put a handful of my sister's jelly beans in my mouth. Wow...sugar, huh?
5. Pull the computer cord when your photos from the weekend's events were downloading. You really lost everything?

But I am all boy...small, mighty, and non-stop.


  1. Soooooooooo cute and all boy!!!!
    Sorry Mommy!!!
    You got to love him!!
    Miss you all!!!

  2. Maybe that pile of 200 toys in the photo next to him isn't enough!!! What a cute little baby boy! Just remember to check his pockets before you wash his clothes in another year! I have found all sorts of sticky, slimey, living creatures is Miles' pockets! Good luck with that one!! Love you guys!! xoxoxo

  3. oh becky! of course you know....i'll never forget miles murdering doc's goldfish!!! and of course my guy does not want toys....just electric sockets and plugs, dishes, plants, and rocks!
    gotta love em
    miss you all so much....

  4. Now that is an awesome picture of my adorable nephew! I just can not wait to come and see him and Georgia. Keep having fun little guy and keep your mommy moving as does Emma to me. Wow having kids in your 40's really keeps you in shape, but it is the best!
    Love Uncle Todd