Thursday, March 10, 2011

Girlie Fun


I woke up feeling guilty for returning from the beach early. (Georgia is on vacation all week for Carnival.) But I needed to get some pastries started for an event on Saturday. My plan was to do something really fun with her this morning--quality girl time--so she would be more understanding this afternoon when I needed to focus in the kitchen.

But what to do? And although I can usually make an event out of a jaunt to the newstand with her, I was feeling uninspired. I wasn't up for playing in the sandbox at the club. And I didn't think I could step foot in the bookstore so soon without a "thank you for letting my child play in your retail establishment" I'll buy something now moment.

As I was passing her toy room, I saw her Hello Kitty purse hanging from a hook. Perfect. Bullseye! I grabbed the satchel and told her, "you are going to need this bag." Her eyes lit up when I told her, "I have a surprise." And we headed out the door to the Hello Kitty Cafe!

It might be just a few tables in a Sanrio store in the mall. But the sweets are adorable. And the experience even better.

Georgia purred like a happy kitten.


  1. it looks adorable....i didn't know that this cafe it! when we met next time let me know where is it.....thanks it was good to be with you guys at uba!

  2. ah, i forgot to sign, it's me , nana