Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Motion


My weekend (and photos): a blur. Time doesn't stand still when you work hard and play even harder.

Highlights as the seconds ticked:
1. Sebastian (the classic baby) started his cooing phase. His little mouth forms the perfect "o" and he sings like a mini owl, his feet in constant motion.
2. Georgia...oh Georgia! It is hard to be excused from the "time out" chair when you wiggle your way out and thrash and kick. My sweet child with the stubborn streak tested my parenting skills this weekend. I'm spent. How can one be so loving and so naughty? And how do Mothers not take it personally?
3. Husband of mine. Can you believe we had two dates in one weekend? We may have returned home at the stroke of midnight (baby boy-midnight snack)...but we fit in some fun and I wore heels.

And time continues to jet past...can tomorrow really be Monday again?

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